RA Specialist

RA Specialist
Tengiz, 28/28
Knowledge and the ability to apply legislative, legal regulations acts, standards, positions, instructions, technical specifications and other
normative documents RoK.
Approval and obtainment of permitting documents from State Regulatory Authorities;
Analyze existing RoK regulatory technical documentation and requirements on Safety, Fire Safety and Environment.
Demonstrate and practice of knowledge in regulatory documentation, Safe Operation Guideline, RoK regulations.
Provide consultations and recommendations on obtaining permits and approvals for Project.
Advise Project Management on appropriate strategies for complying with RoK regulatory requirements and on progress implementation of same.
Liaison with regulatory bodies on their inspection.
Maintain up to date Project Regulatory Permit documentation, preparation of necessary matrixes of permitting on projects / issues.
Control and correct drawings and documents of project engineers and contractor engineers.
Preparation of permitting documents for construction;
Coordinate and provide support to the Project RA specialists at site
Cooperated with the expertizing company closely in developing RA Package,
Obtaining positive conclusions from the state agencies.
Coordination the transferring of the Project regulatory.
Recruiter: cv@career-holdings.kz

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