CMS Developer, Tengiz, 28/28

Local vacancy
CMS Developer, Tengiz, 28/28
CMS Developer should have the following skills:
Programming Skills: ASP.Net, C#, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML/DHTML, CSS, Active Server Pages (Classic ASP).
Database Skills: Oracle 9/10g, SQL, PL/SQL, Database architecture building, management and optimization
Strong planning skills: ability to identify appropriate sequence of activities and allocation of resources
Developer must have initiative and good organizational skills for the multiple project task work
Ability to work under pressure, strong time management and teamwork skills
Be the Leader in Safety and Environmental Performance:
Contribute to the systematic management of safety, health, environment, reliability and efficiency to achieve world-class performance which is in support of TCO Operational Excellence strategy
Must be an active participant in Behavior Based Safety Program (BBS)

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