IOCC Automation Specialist, Tengiz, 28/28

Local vacancy
IOCC Automation Specialist, Tengiz, 28/28
1. Teamwork and Communications: Demonstrated ability to effectively work and communicate across multiple organizations and departments. This position will need to effectively work with various groups at multi-levels within and outside the project.
2. Major Capital Projects: Experienced in all phases of complex projects involving multinational contractors & vendors providing process control consulting support in the following areas: develop control objectives and strategies, P&ID’s, Process Automation System (PAS) specifications, configuration & programming standards, and test procedures; recommend & apply appropriate process control technologies; validate that PAS engineering, configuration and testing meet process control operation requirements; support commissioning and start-up activities.
3. Process Control experience: Hands-on experience in the application and support of process control technologies spanning basic regulatory through advanced multivariable control for complex hydrocarbon production, processing and/or refining facilities (wellhead & gathering, separation and distillation, pumping and compression, sour gas processing, steam and power generation, etc.). Experience with integrating vendor package controls into the process control system.
4. Work Experience (Control Room Migration experience): Preferred hands-on experience transferring control from multiple control rooms to a single integrated control center, including work process development (both migration work processes/procedures and changes to routine work processes/procedures); Preferred experience in providing automation support to day-to-day operations in a large integrated control center. Desired experience with the development and approval of Standard Operating Procedures surrounding Control Room migration.

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