3GI AIR Coordinator, Tengiz, 28/28

Local vacancy
3GI AIR Coordinator, Tengiz, 28/28
The Assurance, Interface and Risk (AIR) Coordinator is responsible for implementing assurance, interface and risk management processes for the 3GI team. This includes:
Ensure interface/information requests are timely identified/responded/approved/processed
Assist the Tengiz site team’s AIR team in maintaining the project’s Internal and External interface system (RIMS) and ensure process is adhered to.
Develop/produce interface reports to ensure adequate monitoring and review and timely resolution of issues.
Provide training to site personnel/contractors on the RIMS system – address questions and initiate support requests to IT/Farnborough/Houston
Assist teams in facilitating internal or external interface meetings as needed
Develop Interface Agreement Documents as needed
Assist in maintaining contract interface registers and in clarifying contract scope boundaries
Participate in the Input and Approvals process with Engineering as needed
Train and assist contractors in developing their Interface Management Plans
Perform audits of contractors’ interface management plans
Managing meta-data in interface RIMS to be able to run reports needed
Help project teams identify project execution risks which meet the project criteria for valid risks
Work with the 3GI team to develop appropriate and robust mitigation plans with specific, measurable actions
Track progress on action items and assist team members in completing actions as needed
Plan, facilitate and support periodic risk capture workshops with the 3GI team
Develop and distribute insightful risk reports to enable oversight by team members and management
Prepare materials and help facilitate regular project risk review and brainstorming workshops
Train and assist contractors in developing their Risk Management Plans and risk registers
Perform audits of contractors’ risk management plans
Become very familiar with RIMS – Subject Matter Expert level for 3GI
Coordinate project assurance and other workshops as requested, working with PRC and other consultants to develop agendas, attendees, objectives, etc.
Provide 3GI support for project-wide assurances and workshops
Lessons Learned:
Facilitate the seeking of lessons learned from recent projects and implementation on 3GI.
Engage the 3GI team to periodically to capture lessons learned. Maintain a master lesson learned register.
Help facilitate Lessons Learned workshops
Recruiter: m.inna@career-holdings.kz

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