Fixed Equipment Inspector, Tengiz / Atyrau, 28/28

Local vacancy
Fixed Equipment Inspector, Tengiz / Atyrau, 28/28
Education: Higher level from university or technical institution.
Relevant Work experience – 1 to 5 years.
A thorough understanding and working knowledge of TCO Safe Work Practices, SI, JHA, BBS, PTW, MOC, etc. Knowledge and experience with of principles of operation and/or maintenance of TCO’s Boilers and Fixed Equipment of Off-Plot and Plant Facilities.
A thorough knowledge and practical application of RoK regulating codes and rules related to Boilers and Fixed Equipment safe operation, design life extensions, inspections and repairs. Knowledge and experience with Thermal Engineering specifications, codes, design; Thermal Mechanical Equipment modes of operation and technical operational rules. Knowledge and experience with damage mechanisms of Thermal Mechanical Equipment, analyzes and development of recommendations for preventing failures of Thermal Mechanical Equipment and Fixed Equipment.
Experience in identifying the damage mechanisms of Thermal Mechanical Equipment in relation to the design or type of boilers/equipment and selecting critical areas for inspection. Experience in identifying areas of boiler elements damages caused by upsets in chemical treatment regimes. Understanding of boiler water treatment systems and boiler water circulation schemes. Understanding of various types of Boilers design, including foreign boilers, e.g.: ability to distinguish between boilers based on its intended purpose (steam boiler, hot water boiler, heat waste boiler. etc.), identifying the type of boiler (fire-tube, water tube, etc.). Knowledge in design of burners, flues, gas ducting, Chimney Stacks and the possible causes of their damages.
Knowledge in design and purposes of boiler auxiliary equipment (exhaust fans, blow fans, etc.). Experience in selecting of recommended by applicable codes types of repairs. Valid Level-II certification and practical experience in the following NDE (Non-Destructive Examinations) methods: Visual Inspections, Radiography (RT), Ultrasound testing (UT), Magnetic-Particle Testing (MT), Dye-Penetrant Testing (PT), Hardness Testing. Knowledgeable of construction materials used for boilers and fixed equipment fabrication and repair. Knowledge in API/ASME/NACE/AWS basic regulations and standards related to operation, inspection and repair of fixed equipment. Knowledge of HAZOP.Knowledge of Risk Based Inspection. Knowledge of Integrity Database Management Systems (i.e. Capstone, PCMS. Visions, etc.).Knowledge of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (i.e. JDE E1, SAP, etc.)
Medium level of English skills is required (knowledge of technical terminology)
Ability to address and solve issues, good team player.

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