Physical Security Specialist, Tengiz, 28/28

Local vacancy
Physical Security Specialist, Tengiz, 28/28
· Be a Leader in safety and environment protection;
· Contribute to systematic management of safety, health, environmental, reliability and efficiency to achieve a world-class performance which is in support of TCO Operational Excellence strategy;
· Take part in Behavior Based Safety Program;
Must know:
· Provisions and requirements under the current regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan (legislations, orders , regulations, provisions, directives) in the sphere of jurisprudence and maintaining security;
· Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics;
· Investigation procedures, practical methods and reporting;
Be able to:
· Develop an operating plant for the work group in line with priorities
· Collect key information and determine potential causes
· Make informed decisions on the basis of situational and consequential assessment
· Work independently
· Explain to colleagues the importance of possessing knowledge and professional skills.
· Use feedback to better own competence
· Support one-team approach through own conduct and interaction
· Write and speak in a clear and sound manner, employing valid arguments, style and language
· Be an active listener

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