3GI QC Data Management Supervisor-ME&I, Tengiz, 28/28

Local vacancy
3GI QC Data Management Supervisor-ME&I, Tengiz, 28/28
Develops and maintains Quality team databases (e.g. Notification for Inspections (NFIs), surveillance, non-conformance)
• Issues ITPs and relevant QVDs documentation via POL/PDDM to Contractor as required
• Issues document index/matrix to Contractor forming their system turnover dossier
• Reviews Contractor’s completed quality documentation/dossier against Contractor’s scope of work
• Coordinates with Systems Completion Lead and Turnover Team regarding system dossier requirements, procedures and required certificates
• Coordinates with MCPlusSM (read access for MCPlus) regarding QVDs and punch lists required to be tracked relevant to area/unit level, system level, tag level
• Reports to the 3GI Quality Manager and/or Quality Lead
Recruiter: s.bagirova@career-holdings.kz

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