Cost Analyst, Tengiz, Rotational

Cost Analyst, Tengiz, Rotational
Minimum 3 years relevant experience.
· Working knowledge of MS Office Suite range of products (Word, Excel, Access etc).
· Understanding of Internet Explorer, FTP, SharePoint (or other web based content
management system), WinZip or other related compression software
· Think logically and methodically, show initiative
· Good interpersonal skills are required as well as an ability to work without constant guidance and supervision
· Good working knowledge of English business language
· Team player
· Understand in full the component parts of a projects budget as detailed within the
Control Estimate i.e. frozen version.
· Understand how the various commitments are made in order to expend project budget funds, for example, Contracts, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Affiliate Work Orders etc. · Understand the commercial terms and conditions, scopes of work, payment phasing associated with the various commitment documents. · Understand all the relevant J.D. Edwards functionality and reporting capabilities which are applicable to project and have the ability to interrogate the system and run a full suite of Project Reports whenever required. · Experience in ARIBA system

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