GS E&I Construction Engineer FF, Tengiz, 28/28

Local vacancy
GS E&I Construction Engineer FF, Tengiz, 28/28
Strong ability to read & understand Instrument & Electrical drawings and help construction contractors with questions they have in the field, also help contractor come up with solutions to allow construction to progress while still complying with engineering standards.
Experience in low voltage power distribution installation, well head control panels installation & hook-up, modular buildings construction and with extensive cable hook-ups & terminations, instrument and electrical commissioning, troubleshooting instrument loop checking is a plus.
Identifies, scopes out and raises potential I&E relevant construction contract changes, consolidates into a scope of work for Contracts to issue
Helps work warehouse and material management issues, sourcing of alternative materials when intended materials are not available, working with Engineering, Procurement, Logistics, Material Management, Work Face Planning, Supply Chain Management, etc to develop alternative solutions
Works in the details for understanding and helping manage the short term 3 week look ahead construction schedule, keep the contractors moving forward from one day to the next and work tactical, day to day simultaneous activities management and contractor interface issues
Is conscious of cost and helps identify, raise & implement tactical, execution type cost savings opportunities
Interfaces with Engineering and Base Business to align on and approve method statements, job packs, obtain permits to proceed with the work, etc.
Attends contractor weekly construction meetings and actively participates giving updates on key issues impacting progress
Works with Quality, RA, HES, and other groups to resolve immediate, tactical issues that are impacting ongoing construction
Follows up with the Field Engineering Team (Instrument and Electrical Engineers) to ensure technical queries are being answered in a timely manner. Ensure the engineers understand what the issue is including walkdowns at site and help evaluate alternatives with the engineers to resolve the issues.
Work with the construction contractors to get redline drawings in time for the Field Engineering Team to review well before scheduled mechanical completion walkdowns.
Regularly visits the work site to talk with the I&E construction contractor, understand tactical, day in / day out issues and implement solutions. Have discussions on Incident and Injury Free with the crews, complete site reviews of the contractors job site processes and safeguards to ensure they comply with TCO safe work practices

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