Productivity Engineer Gathering, Tengiz, 28/28

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Productivity Engineer Gathering, Tengiz, 28/28
· Enable and facilitate a production team to create and update daily production plans using CVX|PM
· Facilitate the development and ongoing updating of production schedules (weekly/monthly) with participation from those directly responsible for the work (e.g., construction managers, superintendent, foremen)
· Support the implementation and process of controlling onsite supply flows for selected materials to the point of installation using CVX|PM
· Enable work optimization for the effective completion of milestones through analysis and reporting of CVX|PM production analytics
· Assist in the Development and implementation of Continuous Improvement for assigned scopes.
· Lead Milestone mapping and process mapping sessions with company and contractor responsible persons.
· Provide weekly and monthly updates to company and contractor management.
· Provide training to contractor personnel in all aspects of Project Production Control through the train the trainer approach.
· Identify opportunities for improvement using WFP, Production Control and Lean Sigma analytics.
· Conduct day in the life observations and suggest productivity improvements.
· Help identify lean sigma opportunities in your project area and participate in lean sigma projects as required.
· Assist in preparing monthly Tenet of Productivity reports.
· Assist the Project Productivity Manager in productivity improvements, productivity reporting and special projects.
· Develop and share lessons learned

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