Warehouse Preservation Coordinator, Tengiz, 28/28

Local vacancy
Warehouse Preservation Coordinator, Tengiz, 28/28
The Preservation Warehouse Coordinator position will report directly to the FGP Preservation Coordinator and
will be responsible for overseeing and auditing the day to day Preservation activities in the warehouse ensuring
that quality preservation processes and procedures are being followed. This position is a position of ‘influence’
rather than a position of control through ‘direct reports’, the ideal person needs to be able to communicate in all
directions in a reporting structure – up, down and across reporting structures.
· Will take part in the Tengiz Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) observation program and complete BBS
observations monthly.
· Responsible to ensure that the preservation contractor’s personnel comply with the Project IIF and BBS
· Responsible to ensure the preservation personnel understand and comply with specific safety
requirements when working in and around an operational warehouse.
· Will complete permit audits in contractor work areas to ensure full compliance is being achieved.
Recruiter: s.bagirova@career-holdings.kz

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