Senior Translator, Tengiz, 28/28

Local vacancy
Senior Translator, Tengiz, 28/28
Must be able to: * Make a detailed action plan to perform tasks; * Collect, consolidate, structure information; * Work independently under minimum control of performance; * Estimate his/her strengths and weaknesses; take practical self-development steps; * Share experience and information with colleagues to achieve team goals; * Express his/her thoughts clearly and structuredly in written and verbal form;
Must know: * Translation techniques; * Existing translation coordination system; * Specifics of the company (department) operations; * Specific terminology used for transaltion; * Dictionaries, terminology standards, miscellanea, references; * Basics of scientific and literary editing; * 7 years+ experience as a translator * Candidate for this level must have a certificate on completion of at least one simultaneous translation course. * Proficient user of Microsoft office (Excel, Word) * Kazakh, Russian, English * Advanced working knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and stylistics Candidate skills are subject to validation prior the Interview

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