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Fill your positions with the right candidates at the right time and at the right cost.
Executive Search
Finding the right candidate for that crucial leadership role is not an easy task. This person is often responsible for leading the organization into the future and making decisions that affect employees, customers and even communities. The ideal candidates to achieve that mission-critical objectives comprise the top 5% — 10% of the workforce. Most of these potential candidates are already employed in other companies and have to be indentified using industry networks and a variety of specialized search techniques.

Our  Executive Search provides a rigorous process to research and identify the most powerful senior management solutions. In a fully consultative process, we take care to understand your culture, organization and candidate requirements. We then use this insight to leverage our  network contacts as well as our extensive candidate database to provide you with only the most relevant candidates for the key positions in your company.

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Efficiency. That’s key for any business. However when you are going through stacks of resumes of candidates that barely meet your vacancy requirements, when you call on people that ‘seem right on paper’ but turn out to be those you wouldn’t hire after you spend hours interviewing, you feel you lost your time and money. You feel you could have done something else that adds more value to your business.

That’s why Career Holdings offer recruitment solutions that helps you maintain your efficiency while doing what you are best at. We have a range of capabilities that help us find you the right people for the positions in your company at the right time while keeping your costs right.

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