Local Manpower Contract Services

If you see that your business often encounters changing workloads or deadlines, the Local Manpower Contract Services may be the right thing for you.

Being able to adjust quickly while at the same time maintaining your capacity and cost very often is a business critical capability. With local manpower contract service you become more flexible since we offer you qualified people when you need them.

We find the people you need
Our recruitment process is built in such a way that it allows us to provide with professionals who can do the job in your company as of day one.  We have an extensive pool of skilled professionals from many industries we can tap into when you need. We use the proven techniques to identify those of them with the right skill-set and competencies to take on the job and do well in your business environment.

We enable you to manage your costs efficiently
With local manpower service you can staff up or down as required by the situation in your business thus both achieving your objectives and ensuring your maintain your permanent organization intact. You reduce your cost related to hiring and termination of employees and maintain flexibility so much needed especially during the shifting demands on your business.

We work closely with you
We do our best to ensure we understand your organization strategies and objectives and do what it takes to tailor our staffing solutions for you to support your plans.

For more information about these services visit http://career-holdings.kz/solutions/staff-leasing

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