Send Your CV

If you feel you qualify to apply for any vacancy currently posted on our website you will need to send us your CV prepared according to the following requirements:

Personal Information

  • Clearly state your name on the first line. Usually it’s centered on the line and bold/larger
  • State your marital status. This is important for many positions. Listing the ages of dependent children under 18 is useful
  • List your citizenship
  • State your date of birth. Spell out the month of birth rather than using numerical form as different countries have a different order of dd/mm/yy and mm/dd/yy

Education and Qualifications

  • List your main education and qualifications including the university/college name, country, attended, years attended and qualifications attained
  • List any additional trainings received with dates, names of training providers and types of qualification received

Work history

  • List complete work history from mm/yy to mm/yy, explaining any gaps in employment
    • List most recent/most relevant jobs first, moving backwards in time
    • State key achievements/accomplishments attained in each of the positions held. If possible, state supporting data (numbers, %, amounts and etc.)
    • You don’t need to list part-time work undertaken unless it is relevant
  • List reference details. References should be supervisors or colleagues you had worked stating their working phone numbers or email.


  • Photos.  CVs usually have a photo (face/shoulders) on the top left corner of the CV. It is usually inappropriate to have bare shoulders, alcoholic beverages and family/friends in the photo with you. Make sure you compress the photo so the size of your CV is less than 500 kB
  • Stick to one or two fonts in your CV. Verdana, Arial and Garamond are good choices. Times New Roman, script-type fonts and comic-type fonts are not as effective
  • List any additional languages you speak and many employers like to see a list of your hobbies/interests
  • Humour is a very subjective thing that is difficult to translate so we recommend you avoid it on a written, professional CV
  • Good spelling is fundamental to your credibility. Run a spell check before sending it!
If you feel you have adhered to the above guidelines go ahead and send us your CV at: