Executive Search

Our executive search specialists cover all C.I.S. countries in executive searches with our network of partners to deliver the highest level of service in the industry today. Our search process generally involves three main stages:

Stage 1: Research and Potential Candidate Identification

Our search team will work closely with the hiring manager for the position and other key executives to create a position profile that identifies the skills and competencies required to do the job, past experience needed to meet priority tasks, and management style that will function effectively in the corporation’s culture. This first phase will involve an extensive research to identify potentially qualified candidates and sources where we will use our proprietary database, targeting appropriate companies, sourcing key industry executives and making preliminary contact with potentially qualified candidates. The result of this phase will be the review of a list of qualified and interested candidates.

Stage 2: Candidate Contact, Evaluation and Presentation

The Second Phase would be contacting the executives and screening them for interest and qualifications. We will conduct intensive interviews with the most qualified candidates. Normally we would expect to present a final panel of candidates or shortlist them. For each candidate presented, we will prepare a detailed written report outlining their experience, our assessment of their fit to the position and any issues relevant to their recruitment. We will also at this point verify education credentials and conduct at least one professional reference.

Stage 3: Referencing, Offer, Negotiation, Closure

The final phase of the selection and closing will be orchestrated and managed very closely by both parties as we will wait for final decision for appointments and the final offer. Throughout this phase, it is important for us to remain flexible and creative in terms of requirements of the position, as well as changing business conditions. Our goal is to communicate with our customers frequently in order to be aware of such changes to ensure that they get the right caliber of managers for their organizational needs.