Expatriate Manpower

Career  Holdings provides different types of services in expatriate manpower services in Kazakhstan and C.I.S. These include:
  •  — Recruitment
  •  — Legal Assistance
  •  — Employment Administration and Payroll Management
Upon customer request we carry out the search for the suitable candidates using variety of different sources available to us. Our expatriate recruitment process has four stages:
Upon this stage we collect the job description for the position sought, clarify customer expectations and all the position related details. Then we move on to determine the sourcing strategy, search for suitable profiles within our current CV database.
At this stage a screening of collected CVs of candidates is done which results in us creating short list of the most suitable ones. After the list is created we arrange telephone interviews and after that, depending on the outcome — preliminary and final interviews with the representatives of our customers. Upon the last steps of selection we get the customer’s debriefing to understand the progress and if needed, introduce immediate changes to our sourcing/selection tactics.
At this stage typically suitable candidates receive a job offer detailing the conditions of their employment. This is initiated by the customer’s HR manager/director and our job here is to make sure that all the communication is done timely and efficiently. We do also provide a liaison between the customer’s HR and the successful candidates to ensure that all question/concerns are answered/addressed to ensure job offer acceptance and clarity of expectations between all parties.
Direct hire contract
After the job offer is accepted and all the communication is done, we move on to providing the legal assistance to make the employment possible. As most of the countries in the world, Kazakhstan, has legislation protecting the labor market from being overflown with the foreign workforce. For expatriates willing to work in Kazkahstan, a special work permit must be granted by the authorities to make the employment legal. Our company takes on the job of obtaining a work permit for all the expatriates provide under the manpower contracts arrangement. The steps typically include:
  • Legalizing of expatriate documents
  • Workforce quota allocation
  • Proving the position to be filled cannot be closed by candidates from local labor market
  • Preparation and submission of all the documents to the labor authorities to get approval for work permit
  • Representation of our clients’ interests before the work permit approving Commission
  • Assisting the customer to comply with other statutory requirements to work permit ensure reception
More information about the services we offer and the current positions in our work can be obtained from our special expatriate manpower services dedicated website: www.expatriates.kz