Staff Leasing

Staff Leasing
  is an instrument of cooperation when the employer doesn’t have a direct contract with the employee. In this case both parties enter into the agreement with the our company. The employer provides just employment assistance and pays for our company services while the we  deal with all the regular employment related issues ourselves. That way the employer is free from legal obligations imposed by direct employment.
Staff leasing is often convenient for the employers who have temporary jobs or work in Kazakhstan on during a limited term when there is no plan to create a permanent on-the-ground organization.
Under the staff leasing arrangement Career Holdings exercises the following functions:
  • assigns the employees and enters into a labor agreement with them
  • manages all staff record keeping
  • administers payroll  and payment bonuses, income taxes and other fiscal charges
  • processes and pays sick leaves and vacations
  • provides certificates at employee’s request
  • handles termination and labor related issues
Benefits for employees:
This service provides employees with opportunities for:
  • additional earning
  • professional experience in working for leading international companies
  • flexible work schedule
  • stable labor remuneration
Our company is accountable to the customers for the staff we provide  under such an arrangements.
It must be noted that employees leased under temporary employment arrangement are protected legally to a bit lesser degree. There are no regular employment guarantees for such employees since in contrast to the permanent staff they do not benefit from labor regulations to the fullest extent.
When offering oneself on a lease the employee should be clearly aware of their further goals and objectives since obvious benefits of such employment do not provide a permanent job. Good performance of such usually helps to ensure resettlement of such employees to another vacant positions when they become available thus extending the employment term.