Talent Supply

Since the start of operations in 1993 Career Holdings has gained a very successful and really unbeatable track record in all types of talent supply. We service both foreign multinationals, joint ventures and significant local ventures alike. In no other business, perhaps, the fact that we are of local origin would be of such major importance. Our key advantage in recruitment stems from the fact that we are intimately acquainted with the conditions and requirements peculiar to our region. Our first-hand experience of operating within the local legal environment and our knowledge and understanding of the Central Asian cultures provides us with the capacity to meet the needs of our customers for the right people at the right cost and at the right time.
Our current Customer Startup Matrix:
  • Preliminary collection of information about the vacancy announced by a customer
  • Appointment of a recruitment consultant in charge
  • Commencement of the provision of services
The way we currently work:
  We can assure you of a consistently high standard of recruitment if you consider the following:
  • our full understanding of local initiatives and peculiarities
  • substantial up to date experience in dealing with local and expatriate communities
  • our maintenance and enhancement of a worldwide network of contacts with such leading employment service organizations as Korn Ferry, Ward Howell, Spencer Stuart, Amrop, etc.
We continuously build our expertise in current recruitment practices and HR corporate strategy. In order to obtain top quality and high-caliber candidates we utilize the strength and reliability of various search methods. They range from head-hunting for executive searches, to database, reference and media searches for specialists and professionals. Before considering any candidate for potential employment, an exhaustive series of interviews is held with the applicant. That explains why out of more than 300 placements, only 5-7 candidates are considered professionally unsuitable for the long-term contracts with their respective companies. Very few of our competitors can demonstrate such an unquestionable quality of services provided. Our system of candidate selection & appraisal  includes: 1) As soon we received a confirmed job order from Customer we begin to do a number of thing including but not limited to:
  • every Customer gets a consultant, who is directly responsible to run search and selection project
  • this person aligns sourcing, reporting and feedback procedures with the Customer
2) Once the potential candidates are identified next steps include:
  • overall check of the candidate’s profile
  • check of availability criteria, including relocation potential
  • check and validation of expectations
  • check of the relevant candidate’s references
As the most recent innovation we well may consider providing our Customer with a record of our consultants interaction with potential candidate (this may be a video or DVD-based presentation). 3) In our practice strict search criteria usually confirm level of potential candidate knowledge and literacy. However we strongly recommend to our Customers to interface directly with the candidates to verify our own observations and opinions. 4) In case of a Customer intention to proceed with the candidate we may arrange them to pass specific tests and do a role-play as required by the job profile. However extensive testing is usually a matter of a separate agreement due to privacy issues and can be secured via our relationships with world leading personnel assessment firms such as SHL and A&DC (www.ADCltd.co.uk) and Psytech International (www.psytech.co.uk) .
Our terms & conditions
  1. Immediately after signing the Contract and getting an order from the Client, start pre-selecting process for the vacancy(ies) to be filled as per Client’s requirements.
  2. The first 3 -5 CVs will be submitted for Client’s review in the course of 10 working days after the sourcing process starts
  3. Arrange for the Client’s representative(s) interviewing the pre-selected candidate(s).
  4. During 3 months find free of charge (excluding, e.g., possible logistic expenses should the search be effected outside Almaty) replacement if the selected candidate proved to be unable to perform mutually agreed job functions within the occupied position scope at any reason (including termination of the Employment agreement by the Employee, Employer, incapacity of the Employee at the medical reasons and etc.)
  5. During the next 12 months after signing the Contract with the Client not to head-hunt the candidate(s) who had accepted the employment offer made by Client as possible candidates for any other vacancies within other companies;
  6. Payment should be secured within 30 days from the date of the receipt of the invoice by the Client provided.
  7. Any other expenses related to the provision of recruitment services for Client’s demand shall be agreed in writing in advance and paid by the Client in compliance with a separate invoice.
  8. In case of Client hire the candidate referred by Career Holdings, for the position not specified by the corresponding Request; Client shall pay Career Holdings the service fee in accordance with the Contract
  9. The Client is entitled to refuse performance of the Contract with the term of 30 calendar days written notice, should refund all factual expenses of the Career Holdings confirmed and evidenced by the latter in writing.
  10. We shall consider confidential all the information received in relation to the Contract. The Parties involved should not disclose such information to any third parties except when required by the mandatory provisions of the applicable law.