Career Holdings is the very first locally staffed and managed professional translation organization throughout Kazakhstan and Central Asia region.   Our company has started delivering translation services since 1998. We are servicing many international companies, joint ventures and significant local ventures in Kazakhstan and abroad. Not only do we provide high quality translation services of the major European languages to and from Russian and Kazakh but we also fully support the our Customers in every stage of their development and growth. Long-term cooperation is the common practice for us meaning multilingual support to our corporate clients. We assisted many of them when they first entered Kazakhstan and neighboring countries’ markets.
Our current Customer Startup Matrix:
  •  Collecting the initial information about our customers’ needs
  • Preparation of a preliminary proposal on LT service
  • Commencement of the provision of services after the terms of services have been agreed
Our Language Solution  Services include:
Written translation
  • Various scientific and technical fields
  • Proofreading
  • Creation and use of terminology databases
Career Holdings has many years of experience in the translation field dealing with complicated and detailed texts. We are well-equipped to work on technical documentation having a large group of over 120 translators specializing in many spheres. When selecting our translators we give preference to specialists with higher education in a technical field with additional training in languages. We bring the teaching staff from the best universities in and outside of Kazakhstan to our pool along with engineers, technicians, economists, and marketing specialists with hands-on professional experience. This works to raise the quality of our translation services even higher fully meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers.
Verbal interpretation 
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
Our company provides interpreting services for its corporate customers. We have the capability to hire the best simultaneous and consecutive interpreters in Kazakhstan. In doing so we are also prepared to handle the other administrative issues involving renting premises, specialized equipment, and providing transportation for the specialists (if the even is to be held outside of Kazakhstan) that usually go along with even organization.  
The way we currently work:
Career Holdings has been in the business of providing technical, legal and general translations input into a number of major oil and gas, software and manpower projects since 1998. Our offsite translation team includes Translation Coordinators (processing translation requests, arranging for timely completion and quality check, testing new translators), Russian-English, English-Russian, Russian-Kazakh, Russian-English-Kazakh, Italian-Russian Translators, Proofreaders (for English and Kazakh target texts) and Editors (for translations done into Russian) as well as  Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreters. We always ensure the quality of translation before it is submitted back to the customers. However we do reserve our right not to accept the customers’ order at times.  This happens in exceptional cases when we believe the quality of our end product may be affected. Mostly this has to do with very tight deadlines we cannot deliver upon. With the growth of the Company the requirement for translation services is increasing, and it is essential that a proper translation procedure is put in place in order to provide efficient and timely translation of documents to the quality required by Customers. The translation process involves  both in-house  translators working at  all  Company locations and  also  off-site translators  based  in  Kazakhstan  or  abroad.  The Company provides translation of documents from English into Russian and vice versa, from Kazakh into English and vice versa and occasionally from Italian into Russian. The translation procedure is based on the main principles of Customer orientation, efficient job planning  and  coordination,  skilled  personnel,  a  favorable  work  environment,  continuous monitoring and  continuous improvement of the translation process. The Translation Coordinator is in charge of coordinating and processing all Translation Requests that originate from a Customer. Their responsibilities shall include the following:
  • Agree the deadlines and any other specific requirements with Customers by giving a reply within 3 hours since the document receipt;
  • Register all Translation Requests received at the location in a job log or through the Translation Tracking System;
  • Prioritize Translation Requests on the basis of their importance and urgency;
  • Ensure proper planning and allocation of  appropriate resources by fulfilling such Requests  taking into account to the greatest extent possible the specialization of the individual  translator, i.e. drilling, legal, environment, geology, etc.;
  • Ensure  that  the    translation  is  completed  within  the  deadlines  specified  in a Translation Request and with the highest possible quality;
  • Provide quality control of the documents translated by the translators;
  • Forward the competed translation to customers;
  • Maintain the translation filing system.
Our translators always use the Company’s glossary first, and then technical dictionaries and/or any other references. The Company’s glossary is a Terminology Data Bank including validated terms and their equivalents in the target language, definitions, synonyms, notes, abbreviations in both source and target languages and images if applicable. If required, translators  seek  clarifications  from  the  authors  of  such  documents  or  from  technical specialists. If  the  document  originator  introduces  changes  into  the  document  under  translation,  such changes should be clearly highlighted. However,  it is the responsibility  of the Translator to check the entire clause to ensure that the introduced amendment does not affect the content. The  Translator  also  highlights the  changes  in  the  target  document  unless  otherwise instructed.   When requesting a translation we expect our Customers to:
  • submit a document, preferably in an electronic format subject to editing. This helps to increase the speed of translation, in particular, if such document contains figures,  numbers and tables;
  • avoid using jargon in an official document, as much as possible;
  • provide explanations of new abbreviations or acronyms used in the document;
  • indicate reasonable dates and, if required, specify the time (e.g. by 09:00 hours) for completion of the specific piece of translation. It is advisable to avoid using ASAP because the majority of documents require urgent translation and it does not enable the Translation Coordinator to prioritize the requests efficiently. While specifying the deadline for the translation,  the Customer must bear  in mind that  during one business day a translator is able to translate 5-6  pages of  a standard text;
  • if any changes are made in a document they need to be highlighted and the original translated document must be sent together with the revised  version;
  • submit a copy of the document rather than the original, if such a document is not available in electronic format;
  • give any specific instructions regarding formatting, distribution list, etc.
Once the translated document is received by the Customer they are entitled to provide a  feedback  to  the  Translation  Coordinator  regarding  the  quality,  the  terminology  used, formatting, meeting the deadline, etc. Such feedback should be given due consideration and will help to improve the quality of translation. If an electronic version of the document is not available it can be submitted for translation in hard copy either by fax or delivered by hand.  Any document in hard copy shall be submitted as a copy rather than the original. According to our operating procedures translators provide the translation and forward the completed translation to the Translation Coordinator for quality control.   Following the quality control the finally reviewed and corrected (if required) version is sent by the Quality Controller to the Customer. The Quality Controller saves the translated documents on their local disk in the Translation Filing System. A key principle of the translation procedure is quality control. An effective quality management system ensures that all activities are carried out in a controlled way so that everyone is aware of what tasks they are supposed to carry out. The Customers satisfaction is the most important criteria in the assessment of the quality of services provided by our translators.  Any Customer feedback including complaints will be thoroughly analyzed and the result of such analysis used as the basis for quality improvement.
Our other terms & conditions:
Our company reimburses contracted translators a fixed fee per translated page A4 with spaces. For instance, where previously translated documents are forwarded back by company to contracted translator to make further changes, or revisions, these should be tracked separately. The per-page translation formula will apply to the tracked changes characters only and not the complete text. If a slide (MS PowerPoint presentation) contains a text only, the fee is calculated by converting the slide into MS Word format. All of the above rates include all taxes (excluding VAT) and other obligatory payments and whatsoever costs incurred by the contracted translator. We make payments after the provision of the translation services in Tenge by using a bank transfer to the account indicated on the first page of this Service Order within thirty calendar days of the receipt of the invoice. Formatting of texts, tables, translating of drawings, slides are paid separately.